Hairy girl peeing in a bowl

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hairy-woman-peeingCarla had been going through something of a dry spell lately, she hadn’t been on a date in so long that she ached to feel cock inside of her so she decided to join up to one of those online dating sites. Carla was pretty nervous about putting herself out there but things were getting to the point that all she wanted was to fuck so she knew that this was a sure fire way to meet someone else who wanted to fuck too. She was right, within an hour she had four requests to meet up and one of those requests made her pussy so wet she could barely stand it!

Carla arranged to meet up with him at his place and when she got there she knew that he was going to be a wild one. Carla was right again because just about an hour in to things as she stood there completely naked he asked her to piss in a bowl for him. Carla had never pissed for anyone before and she wasn’t sure that she wanted to but when she thought about missing out on cock she decided that she’d give it a shot. As that golden piss flowed from her slit she saw his dick getting rock hard!

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Girl peeing on the street

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street-peeingSexually attractive girl in sun glasses invites you to the park for a walk. Everything seems to be perfect and nothing interferes with her, but suddenly pretty chick felt pressure in her bladder… Five minutes passed and poor girl couldn’t wait anymore. Unfortunately there were no toilets close by, so she made herself comfortable just in grass. Nobody knows how this picture set appeared on the Net, but it happened somehow! Now everyone can enjoy exclusive peeing photos of the brunette!

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Girl peeing through her denim jeans

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Sarah had been waiting for over an hour for her bus to arrive and in that time everyone else that had been standing at the bus stop had already caught their bus and she was the only one left standing there. The longer she stood there the more desperate she got to take a piss but she had been waiting so long that she was sure that as soon as she stepped away to go take a piss, the bus would show up. Soon Sarah realized that she had no other choice because she had waited just too long and now she couldn’t even walk to find a bathroom because she was so desperate!

As she stood there she looked around to make sure that no one was watching her and then with what started as one little trickle she started to pee her pants. At first she just let a little piss go but then she couldn’t stop it and soon she was soaked in piss. It dribbled down her thighs and soaked her jeans and soon it was streaming on to the floor as Sarah stood there embarrassed!

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Naked girl peeing in the tub

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Sophia is one kinky babe and when a guy she had just started seeing suggested that they try investigating a few fetishes she couldn’t say no. Sophia is the type of girl who will try anything as long as it guarantees that she winds up getting her tight slit pounded so everything that her boyfriend suggested she was up for trying. One night though Sophie wound up getting in to quite a few different things at once but it all made her feel so amazing that she just couldn’t stop herself!

The night started when she wanted to fuck with her stockings on but her fuck buddy asked her to get them wet so as she stood in the shower getting her stockings wet she told him that she had to take a piss. He begged her to piss right there in the tub so he could see her peeing and with a grin she squatted over the tub and started to take a piss! As she pissed she saw her fuck buddy’s cock getting harder and harder and soon that fat cock was out and begging to fuck her piss covered pussy! The more she pissed the more excited he got!

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Melissa takes a peeing dare

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peeing-on-a-parking-lotMelissa had just moved in to her new apartment and she had been looking forward to inviting her friends over to take a look around for over a week when she finally did it. Everyone was having a great time and getting drunker by the second and eventually the inevitable happened – everyone started to play truth or dare. Melissa knew how out of hand parties usually got once everyone started to play but she wasn’t about to miss out on the fun at her own party so she got right in the middle of the action and when it was her turn she decided to take a dare.

Melissa knew that her friends were going to come up with something pretty crazy but she was ready for it…or so she thought! When her friend Eric told her that her dare was to run out to the parking lot next door to the party completely nude and take a piss, Melissa was sure that he was kidding around. When she realized that he wasn’t; however, she decided that she had to do it so she did! She couldn’t believe how naughty it felt while she was peeing but it also felt pretty kinky knowing that people were watching her do it!

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